I’ve dedicated my life to improving democracy and strengthening communities in the dynamic digital age.

I am a Founder of E-Democracy.org, a social entrepreneurship Ashoka Fellow, host of the dynamically global Open Government and Civic Technology community on Facebook, and honored as a White House Champion of Change for Open Government.

I travel the world online and in-person as a public speaker and expert consultant on civic technology and open government with an unparalleled two decades of direct experience. In 1994, I coined the term “e-democracy.” Using current buzzwords … that’s the use of social media and technology for open government, citizen engagement, civic innovation, public deliberation, and related topics.

In addition to my role with E-Democracy.org and my 1 Radio News start-up, I am now available (LinkedIn) to take on new projects and speaking opportunities.

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The best way to connect on an ongoing basis is to subscribe to my Democracies Online Newswire (since 1998). 

Special: Check out 1 Radio News, my news radio Android app startup as featured in the Pioneer Press.

Welcome to StevenClift.com … incorporating my former Publicus.Net site.