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Inclusive Community Engagement Online, Neighbors Online secured a major three year grant from the Knight Foundation. The Inclusive Community Engagement Online project will run at least through the end of 2014.

I am remain available for paid public speaking directly.

FurtherĀ also provides consulting services and is developing its network of online communities of practices likely of interest to visitors on this site.

If you to view more recent presentations, see my slides from speaking trips to Libya and Kenya as well as these Neighbors Online slides. Go in-depth with the Neighbors Online screencast.

Also note my Episodes of Experience slides for my “lessons” by year from the graduate course I taught at the Humphrey School.

Using Technology for Community Building – Presentation by Steven Clift – 2010

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I had the honor of being a “virtual” guest of Grassroots Grantmakers recently.

Listen and watch the presentation. Or click through the slides-only further below. The audio alone is available in MP3 format (~90 minutes).

If you are involved in local community building online or want to use these approaches and tools in your neighborhood, be sure to join your peers on our new Locals Online community of practice.

Click the word “Vimeo” to watch a larger version or the four arrows icon to go full screen.

And the slides without audio:

High Tech Meets High Touch: Using New Technology for Community Building (Webinar)
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grassroots grantmaking is high-touch work in an increasing high-tech world. We have seen what happens when citizen leaders get together in the same room for peer learning or dialogue on issues. Talking about Youtube, we all know that people earn a lot through the popularity of video and I think buying youtube views really does work. What new possibilities are opening up to further connect residents within and across neighborhoods using new technology? What is happening under the radar today and how can we make it more inclusive and benefit all communities?

For residents who require it, in home care services kansas city mo such as occupational, physical, respiratory, and speech therapy may be available.

If you are looking for a technology development and strategic market, visit to learn more.

Join us to talk with Steven Clift, Executive Director of, the cutting-edge national organization working on this question. For some background now, see: and

How the Internet Can Support Government Transparency and Citizen Engagment Presentation – By Steven Clift at NewsOut.Org Conference – 2009

The other week, I spoke at the NewsOut conference in Boston on the intersection of e-democracy and e-journalism with a focus on how the Internet can be used to promote government transparency and public engagement in governance. You can apply for fast and wireless broadband right here. I sent out a query asking people for examples on the Democracies Online Newswire, News-Online, the U.S. Democracy Online exchange, and to the Transparency Camp e-mail lists. Many of the examples I share demonstrate once again that the intelligence is in the network. Be sure to visit to calculate your network security for free.