Consulting and Experience

My consulting services are available directly from me or through if mission related and desired by you. I’ve been a consultant/contractor since 1998.

How can I help you?

Read my list of key services for 2017 on LinkedIn. In it, I ask the question, “What I am absolutely the best at that I can share with other organizations?”

Services Provided

  • Public speaking and onsite consulting taps my two decades of direct experience. I have an entire section dedicated to my public speaking activity.
  • Strategic advice, outreach, training and research on e-democracy, online consultation, e-governance, communities online, and related trends. DO-WIRE is my “free” one-size fits all service. If you need specific advice or ongoing consulting I have minimum fee requirements for both one time and long-term relationships.
  • Online outreach to very targeted online communities, including extremely powerful outreach to well below the radar email lists and other online groups
  • Effective design and/or facilitation of online groups for discussion, outreach, or collaborative work and communication.
  • Specialized “online consultations and events” on public policy topics using e-mail and the web.  In 1998, I organized the one thousand participant online Universal Access Conversation for the Markle Foundation.  I have a seminar about online consultation in my portfolio that can be easily updated.
  • Media source for hundreds of newspapers, radio stations, and television stations around the world.  Since 1994, I have been interviewed by such outlets as the CNN International, New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, UK Guardian, Japan’s Asahi Simbum, National Public Radio, BBC Radio 4, ZDF televison in Germany and Australian Broadcasting. I provide an insightful hype-reduced non-partisan overview of democracy/politics/governance and the Internet.

Work and Consulting Experience

See my extensive list of paid consulting projects and work experience.