Honors and Awards

Major Achievements

  • Helped create the world’s first election-oriented web site in 1994 and current host of active citizen-based online Issues Forums – E-Democracy.Org
  • Inducted as an Ashoka Fellow, the premier international network of social entreprenuers, in November 2006.
  • Public speaker with hundreds of presentations across 30+ countries
  • Editor of DoWire.Org – the Democracies Online Newswire e-mail announcement list.  Started in 1998, DoWire now reaches over 2000 e-democracy/e-government/e-politics practitioners and experts in over 80 countries
  • Global media source on e-democracy with hundreds of appearances and interviews including an interview on BBC World television
  • Produced extensive research on “E-Government and Democracy” for the United Nations 2003 World Public Sector Report
  • Led Global E-democracy Best Practices research effort through March 2005 for the UK Local E-democracy National Project
  • OECD E-Government Project Advisory Group Member in 2002-2003
  • Co-Editor, G8 Democracy and Government Online Services Publication
  • Consultant on e-democracy for the Markle Foundation from 1998-2001. Included the creation of an online Presidential campaign debate in 2000
  • While employed with the Office of Technology/Department of Administration in the State of Minnesota 1993-1997 he was the Government Online Project Coordinator (managed the first web portal) and staffed then served as the Executive Director of the Government Information Access Council
  • I’m Linked – For years I was the number one “Clift” on Google, over movie star Montgomery Clift. For years, I was the number seven “Steven.” Above actor Steven Seagal but below Steven Spielberg, 🙂 (Then I changed my domain name from publicus.net to StevenClift.com and had to start over essentially …)